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We're a discussion community that likes to talk about the Ancients. Our forums are based around Greek gods and ranks, but we have discussions for Egyptians and Romans available too

We have made around 400+ posts since last week, so we are happy to be getting somewhere Smile

We are also gonna be getting a domain name around the 5th August, to replace our

Thoughts and feedback welcomed Smile

Forgot the link:
Interesting topic. I may lurk here and there as my upcoming MMORPG is based on Greek mythology to an extent, in the sense that all the dungeon bosses are based on Greek gods.
Good to hear. We created a new section for 3 popular ancient discussions, so we're trying to populate these.
  • Idea
  • Name

The theme doesn't suit best.

Given that I'm Italian, I love Romans.
Keep on Wink
Thanks for the comments Trinit Big Grin
We'll be moving hosts today, so there is gonna be some downtime.
Am bored ç_ç Can i try to make a free theme for you?
Sure, go ahead.
I don't know if you like it.
note: I collapsed the forum statistics just to show you the icons
That's actually very good Smile
Can you send over the necessary files?
Yes I'm only checking that everything is fine!
Here you are
Demo here:
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