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Full Version: HostJiffy (cPanel / Reseller) Post2Host Services
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Is your website down all the time?
HostJiffy's powerful servers have a 99.9% uptime or higher at all times.
Is your website slow?
We have great 1mb/s connections so that you can access your website asap.
Also our servers have very low cpu loads shown in this recent picture taken on 7/22/2010:
[Image: smp.png]
Does your webhost have ads on your website?
HostJiffy's hosting never has ads unless you put them on there or request it!
Are you short on cash?
HostJiffy's services are points based, you can buy or post to get points?
Low on webspace?
HostJiffy's plans have the best space for your website and is always upgradable!
Want to start a webhost?
We allow you to sell cPanels and start making money! This happens with our reseller plans!
Are you interested?
If you are click here: and then just sign up and get your free cPanel Hosting!
Yeah, I really want to sign up to your hosting when your website is down.
Yea, i noticed that it's always down once person....Also isn't 1 MB/s kinda slow?

The new theme you put on the site is nice, but well let me put it in a list,

Pro's -
Nice theme i like the darkness.
Your forums seem active except for the music and website discussion.

Con's -
Change your logo from the default
Were changing the theme right now again, the music section is newer, and website discussion doesent get a lot. Toungue
Lol, it'd be good if the administrator could spell advertisement

Quote:Avertisement (User Ad)
lol, I was working fast it was 4am, I will change that soon. We have reached 2k posts and those boards mentioned have picked up in activity.
New admin!
We are now on 1.6 Smile
Nice theme we got now Smile

Please read the guidelines before bumping threads

Quote:"No More then 3 in a row"
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