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Full Version: Thread prefix displays
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I think thread prefixes should show the plain text version when you're viewing inside a thread. The breadcrumb should stay coloured but it's hard to style it so it's visible on the thead; for instance here, black looks best on the forum display but is a bit hard to read on the thead, while white is best for the thead but is then nearly invisible on the forum display. As the thead shows the thread name in white it'd be better to show the prefix in white too.
Yea im not to sure if i like them. Black is hard to read. Is this a default feature on 1.6 and can it be disabled (im sure it can) ?
Well prefixes are only there if you add them and you can choose the colour, I'm just saying that in certain places, such at the thead area, it should show the plaintext version in white rather than the formatted version.
Or maybe allowing different colours for different parts of the website, as an advanced option... Or too implicated? And would that come under the feature frozen part, if your just improving upon a feature? Toungue