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Full Version: Wiki Updating
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I noticed that any wiki page that includes the Admin CP Navigation box at the bottom has a broken link in it Toungue


"[Admin_CP_Tools#File_Verification]]" <-- thats what shows up down there.
Fixed, thanks Smile
Got another one;

Mybb Development -> Versions -> Mybb 1.4 -> stays at top of page on development Smile
It seems as if Justin already fixed this Smile

Needs a bit of updating, Like searching for 1.4 the first one says 1.2 to 1.4
Ah yes, I'll get onto those ASAP.

"Bare minimum" needs updating for 1.4

"Common Error Messages - Common error messages and solutions found in MyBB 1.4" to 1.6

I think thats all i found
(2010-08-08, 12:02 AM)Alex597 Wrote: [ -> ]

"Bare minimum" needs updating for 1.4

There's nothing wrong with that page that I can see...
Oh, ok i see didn't see it said PHP 5.1.0 and then it said Note: if. Sorry