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Full Version: Need IN DEBTH help... please help
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First of all I run a forum

I had someone make the theme,layout ect ect.

But currently. I want to change some things.

If you click on "forums" the big grey line going across the screen at the top the one the LOGO sits on .. i want to make it with a backdrop edit it a little bit, HOW do I go about doing this? Is it an image, that I need to find and just edit it in photoshop? If so where is the image?

Also, how do i make it where when someone clicks on <snip> it goes to the HOME page instead of directly to the forums?
I believe it's CSS, so editing it in Photoshop will have no effect. You could look at border-shadow, but that will only be available in CSS3 browsers.

The easiest way to transfer is to rename index.php to forums.php, and making the index of the site point to the homepage. What's the URL of the home page? is the name of the home page

I really need to figure out how to give that big grey line some shine/drop shadowish effect.. can you explain how to?
You're probably best off asking the author of the theme, as it will involve editing the CSS and possibly recoding part of the theme.

Rename index.php to forums.php, and rename portal.php to index.php. Simples. Smile
(08-03-2010, 07:49 AM)Tomm M Wrote: [ -> ]Rename index.php to forums.php, and rename portal.php to index.php. Simples. Smile

and I would do this in my cPanel ? or through the admin cp ?
You should rename them in cPanel.

It might affect the file verification process in 1.6, as it'll think index.php is the forum index (when in fact it's at forums.php). But you shouldn't have any major problems. Smile
and where exactly is these php files in cpanel ?
Its in the root of your cpanel.


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