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This thread outlines a couple of errors people have had whilst upgrading from MyBB 1.4 to 1.6 and what to do to resolve them.

Unknown column 't.prefix'
Make sure you have run the upgrade script. This column was added in the upgrade so if it's missing, the upgrade script has not been run fully.

Unknown column 'remember' in 'field list'
Make sure you've uploaded all the new files properly, so they have overwritten the old files. This column was removed in the upgrade so if you're getting this error, your files are still looking for it. Also make sure you've not got any plugins running that are not 1.6 compatible.

Alternatively, if you have merged to MyBB from another forum software, redownload the MyBB Merge System, extract the loginconvert.php file, and upload it over the current version in your ./inc/plugins/ folder.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_MySQLi::add_column()
Make sure you've uploaded all the new files properly, so they have overwritten the old files. This method was added to the database abstraction layers in the update, so if it can't be found, you still have the old files without it.

Thread Prefixes, Statistics and File Verification menu options missing from ACP
Make sure you have uploaded all the new files. If you have renamed your admin folder for security reasons, the files may have been uploaded to the 'admin' folder and not to your renamed folder. To fix this, either rename the admin folder in the package to the name of your custom admin folder and upload the files again, or upload the contents of the 'admin' folder in the package to inside your custom admin folder, so they overwrite the current admin files.

New features missing on the front end, or pages broken/messy
Your templates will need to be reverted to default to make sure they are running the 1.6 HTML. To do this go to ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates > for each template choose Options > Revert to Original. This will mean you will lose any template edits you have made, however you can save the edits and make them again after once the rest of the template has been updated.

Thanks for using MyBB 1.6 Smile