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Full Version: Theme that shows useronline TODAY
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Is there a theme for 1.6 that will show the users who have been online in the last 24 hours?
Yes there are theme, Default theme. See this page: online.php?action=today
(2010-08-04, 03:05 PM)mrl586 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes there are theme, Default theme. See this page: online.php?action=today

Since 1.4 Wink
You can 'lol' all you want but for 1.4 there was a plugin to display this on the Index page, right about the boardstats.

jmeeter this is still not a built in feature. You will need to download the 1.4 plugin and change it to 1.6. Or wait until the maker of it does so.
Just change the version number in the plugin if it don't work right now.
This is something we're using on our Forums too, so would be interested to see if it does work for MyBB 1.6

[email protected] Just to say I have installed this on a local MyBB 1.6 installation - changing the version/compatibility online Line 25 as suggested by Scoutie44 to 16* - and it appears to be working just fine.
Hey, thanks! Smile

[Edit] It's not working for me unfortunately.... Sad
@jmeeter: Sorry to hear it's not working for you. I only have it on a local installation with one user, and have not tested with multiple users, but it seems to display ok. Are you not seeing any display at all?

UPDATE: Just to add that I think I might have had to Enable the plugin again under "Settings".
I am having the same issue and looking into it, there is no setting to enable to get this plugin working. I may not be looking hard enough though. I've gone ahead and changed the compatibility too.
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