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Full Version: List of plugin hooks?
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Currently doing custom work for a client, and I'm in need of a list of hooks to speed up the process of development so I don't have to scour through the MyBB files looking for a specific hook (I already have to do research on ACP hooking, would rather not spend more time looking for hooks).

Took a quick glance through the Wiki, and couldn't find one.

If there is not one, there should be one, and placed in the Developer Tools section of the Wiki. Whether compiled by the staff or the community doesn't matter. Toungue
[Wiki: MyBB_Plugin_Hooks] (Broken link, head over to instead)

Will need to be updated for 1.6 though.
Good enough, not sure I need any new hooks from 1.6 anyway.

Easiest way is to just add a debug message to run_hooks and run_hooks_by_ref in the plugin class. Then all you have to do is browse to the page you want to hook into, and it prints you which hooks got called on that page. And then you pick one of them that suits your needs.