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Full Version: Theme preview is broken
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I think it's still grabbing 1.4 themes, but since they're in the archives it fails to load.
I don't recall that thing ever working.
It worked for me.
(2010-08-05, 10:05 AM)pyridine Wrote: [ -> ]It worked for me.

The theme demonstration board is now at 1.6. We've had a lot of submissions to the mods site since the release of 1.6 so not all themes are available on the demo yet but we're getting through them as quickly as we can.

(2010-08-05, 04:30 AM)CAwesome Wrote: [ -> ]I don't recall that thing ever working.

I'm not aware that there were any problems with the demonstration board prior to the 1.6 upgrade and the board appears to still be working after the upgrade too. Please let us know if you notice any problems.