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Full Version: mark all forums read button
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upgraded to 1.6 from 1.4.13 all went well expect one strange problem.
the mark all forums read does not seem to work.
all forums are showing new post despite there not being any.
Make sure your browser cache is cleared?
Try rebuilding the MyBB caches from the ACP?
thanks just tryed that and it did not work.
forum still doing the same thing.

very strange apart from that everything seems to be running fine.

its doing it on all browsers as well not just IE

just done the full maintenance and its still the same.
even done a file check that came back as ok.

think i will log in to host and do a mysql Optimize and check and see if that clears it

well that did not clear it, really strange board does say all forums marked as read then don't do it.
if anyone hs any idea whats going on please let me know.
Did you revert the templates?
templates running standard mybb default.
i have never loaded a mod template on my site.
i've noticed this too but only when viewing as a guest, i've just tried on here and it does the same thing
Works in Chrome on my computer as guest. I imagine it will work as a user too.
don't work on chrome from here.
this is very strange, must go to work so i will try it from another pc while i am there and see what happens.

one thing i did notice while reading some of my topics just to make sure everything is in place.
if i sit and read a topic it will show that topic as read,
if i then click mark all forums read it lights back up to say new post.

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