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Full Version: C&C4U Your NO1 fan site about the C&c games!
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Hey guy's! Guess what ? We are finally on our very own domain, boughed yesterday @ Godaddy. We where first on but now we are on!

Other then that we have been doing great! We added profile comments, a chat, and lots of content has appeared sins your last visit. Probably forgot something but we have improved very much, and we are also a month and few days old!

Description of site: A C&C fan community where you can enjoy discussing and learning about all C&C games!

Yes, everyone may give there feedback of the site!
candc4u is available fyi
A little update before a very big updates comes:

I have written today the biggest (BR) So far ever made:

A BR stands for Battle Report, and means you write a long cool story of the battle you just played in a command and Conquer game. I hope you will have a good read.
This is starting to interest me. Keep it up.
Thanks mate!

Alot of stuff has happened guy's, we are like a re-born! check us out @

I think you can notice how much changed.
Hmm, i'll install Generals and zero hour tonight, and i'll see.
Remove that background image, it loads the page slowly. Other than that, great forum Smile
Quote:Hmm, i'll install Generals and zero hour tonight, and i'll see.

You won't regret, those 2 are great games, loved by most C&C gamers.

Quote:Remove that background image, it loads the page slowly. Other than that, great forum

Thanks my friend, great to hear that. Well for me it loads in few seconds the site! We are very fast now, but it could be the site lags a bit because of the image. But we are going to keep it because it makes the site look better. And more C&C like.
Hey everyone, we made it to the 3 month old mark. Of course nothing to wards those sites who are around from the year 2000. But we got a good start of age. We are now for sure behind the idea we are a come and go site. No, we are a serious site dedicated.

Read the offical message:

Enjoy the poem,
made for you commander!
Greetings everyone,

I bring news to you today that we launched one of our biggest projects ever made. Its also been some time sins a major event happened @ the forums.
Like the title says we armed = launched a new C&C Wiki. We know there are already some present on the net. But there is always room for change, and this is going to be a challenge, but a interesting one. Our goal is to create a database of correct, informative info of C&C and its games. And of course any other info such as what is internal, external, etc .. As a wiki needs to explains difficult words on a page.

The wiki link:

Eventually we'll have a page for each C&C game, mod extension, tactics, map info, etc ... Feel free to make edits right now, but your IP is shown as a guest. Its recommend to register then when editing your IP won't be shown. There will also be a wiki team that is responsible for running the wiki.

Note: The C&C wiki is not a sub-site of C&C4U. It will get its own domain in due time. The wiki is a stand alone site.

Read all the info here:

Also some of you maybe already know but we got now our own chat room. Witch you find here: (We are thinking of changing its goal.)

Regards and thank you for reading.
The C&C4U Team.
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