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I'm the administrator of the following forum:

We have recently started noticing a very odd bug in forum display, in that a message states we have all threads selected, when not one really is selected. This has only came to our attention today, as it's not been happening before today.

How do we fix this issue?
the selection is cookie based, so you could try deleting your cookies

(just as a workaround, naturally this is not a fix for the root cause of the problem)
I don't think this is cookie based. It only just started happening today.
I had the same problem, so I deleted the code from forumdisply_threadlist.

The code that generated that message is: {$selectall}
If you delete the code it's not going to show anything when it's supposed to...

I had this here when we first upgraded, I cleared my cache and it went away after a bit.
I cleared my cache, but the message still stays there. Could it be because we are using a custom designed theme?
Yeah, many of us experienced it here after the upgrade as well but it seemed to disappear shortly after and we couldn't replicate it.
Our's hasn't disappeared at all, it's still there. =(
you need to add something in your theme.
(08-06-2010, 08:39 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]If you delete the code it's not going to show anything when it's supposed to...

True, but you can still select all threads with the {$inlinemodcol}, so I didn't see it as anything that was really needed.

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