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Full Version: NanoSkinners v2
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Greetings MyBB users,

Today I am pleased to announce the official release of NanoSkinners v2. This update includes a few new features to make it a bit easier to get around the forums, get support and make custom requests;
  • MyTracker - Helps us to track all feedback for both our skins and our website.
  • Services Page - Submit your custom request with ease!
  • New Homepage - A brief blab of what we do.
  • Twitter - @nanoskinners for the latest news and updates!
  • And much more!

If you don't already know what NanoSkinners is, we're a team dedicated to providing MyBB with premium themes. We currently have 5 awesome themes available for low prices, and we'll be releasing a few free ones, too. Our first free theme will be the original NanoSkinners look, so stay tuned!

Come check us out today! Links;

Amazing Theme Scoutie!!! Just Amazing.
I just showered, thanks for making me do that. ._. That has to be the best theme, i've seen, for so long.
Nice, very awesome dood. Very very awesome.
Nice themes this site offers.
Wooow! This is THE site! nuff said!