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Full Version: Downgradeing to 1.4.13
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Of i currently have 1.6 and i want to downgrade to 1.4.13. Can someone help me do this without me loosing any files
Revert backup that you've done before upgrade.
You haven't given a reason why you'd want to downgrade...

If I upgrade, I don't downgrade.
It is a very difficult process for which we don't have instructions. You basically need to manually go through all the changes made by the upgrade script and revert them.

If you have a database backup (which you should) then you should just revert this.
Why exactly do you want to downgrade??
you mustn't do this it can cause many problems

and if you think there ain't enough plugins for 1.6 just wait for a few days and they will also be updates for 1.6