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Full Version: **Royal** [Released]
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[Image: 20aul9g.png]

Title: Royal 1.0

Description: The theme has a clean look, suitable for professional websites like general discussion forum, hosting forum, tech forum etc. Is has compact footer, and newly designed panel. This theme is suitable for 1.6 but it can be also used in older version but its not recommended.

The designer of the theme is Sukanjan.K

[attachment=19214] [attachment=19215] [attachment=19216] [attachment=19217]


Mods Download Link:

Alternate download Link:
Another fantastic theme from you Sukanjan. Downloading it.

nice theme, i like everything except the text shadows, they are making the text a bit blurry. color combination is great.
It's nicely layed out, but it's an awful color.
Like the buttons, are cute Smile
I love it, Maybe center the logo, but its awesome!
I appreciate the work. But the colour is so dull man.. I remenmber you responding to christian styles thread.. Use absolution for inspiration and create a lighter version.. Just a humble request..
I like it. Good job.
It would look better if all the rows in the category were one color, instead of two.

I'd stick with #FDFEF8 instead of having one at that and the other at #E6E5D3.
Wow, this is a lovely skin! It personally makes me want to upgrade my forums to 1.6 just for this theme.
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