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Full Version: Change default "sorting" settings.
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Hello, once I (or my users) browse a forum, it automatically sorts like this:
[Image: 302xu3c.png]

Is there any way to change the way MyBB sorts by default?

I want my members to view all topics, not just the ones posted 'today'.

Is this possible?

Thanks, Nori.
It will show all of them by default, it will only show today's if you submit that form. But if you want to change it to all, in the forumdisplay_threadlist template, find:

<option value="9999" {$datecutsel['9999']}>{$lang->datelimit_beginning}</option>

change to:

<option value="9999" selected="selected" {$datecutsel['9999']}>{$lang->datelimit_beginning}</option>