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Full Version: Best method for perfect update to 1.6
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I have seen lots of errors and problem in upgrading to 1.6
Some of them even think of downgrading which is terrible.

So the method is simple TRIAL & RUN.

For Beginners :-
1) Shut down your forum.
2) Deactivate all the plugins from ACP.
3) Grab a copy of your forum's files using any FTP client.
4) Grab a copy of your database.
After doing this you may re-open your forum and activate all plugins.

5) Now get a free host or perhaps if you have another host you may use it.
6) Upload the copy of your forum's files to the new host.
7) Import the copy of your database. Check this thread if you dont know how to do this.
8) Now grab a copy of mybb1.6 and update the TRIAL forum on the new host.
9) Activate all plugins and check if you have any problem. If you have some issues report it here.
10) After resolving all the bugs update your MAIN forum.

For experts:-
Update your forum on a copy and check for errors before you update.

Hope it helps a few members here. Wink
This is more detailed though
You don't need to use a new host, just put your copy for upgrading in a new directory and make a new database for the copy of your database. This way you can upgrade a copy of your board while still keeping an in-tact copy of your forum to fall back on.