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Full Version: Automatically registrations
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Dear friends, recently I have observed thousands of new members in my forum and I think all have been registered via bots or similar. Time online in the forum for these users is 6 seconds. Before registration, all these users create a signature that is a phrase with a link to a commercial web, these phrases and url are random, example: travel machu picchu link to
or grilled salmon recipe link to

someone has the same problem?

I have last version of Mybb (1.4.13) and I use the recaptcha plugin. The settings for new member registration is "instantaneus activation".
Thank you.
Why not use email activation?? No activation means they can use any random email address and post straight away.
Also, the latest version is 1.6.0, not 1.4.13.
I have same problem.
Make sure you have email activation required and CAPTCHA enabled. There are also some plugins that might be able to help you.