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Full Version: BlackMart v2 : Buy / Sell / Trade Online
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BlackMart v2 : Online Internet Marketing Forum ! Cool
Click Here ! Big Grin

Your URL is quite decieving...
You have not given guests the permission to have a look at your forum. Without seeing your forum why would anyone join your forum. How will the guest come to know that whether the forum is of his interest or not. Please change the permission.

Also my copyright needs to be added to the theme "Theme Created By NeoFusion720, © 2010-2010.", under that. linking to as its pretty much my gamer theme.
1. You blocked off your complete forum to guests, horrible idea.
2. Your forum name and domain made it sound like Black Market.
3. You remove the theme copyright, good job. *Slaps face*
We have added to the showcase rules that users mustn't be forced to log in to view your board, otherwise you have nothing to showcase.

If you change this and would like this thread reopened then please report it.