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Full Version: Wiki logon not working
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I assume that the Wiki's login system is integrated with the forums login system?

If so, then I got an Internal Error when I logged in. I typed in my username/password into the fields, clicked submit, then got this error:

Internal error

Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; in LocalSettings.php to show detailed debugging information.

Is this meant to happen?
Works for me Confused Odd.
(2010-08-10, 04:41 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]Works for me Confused Odd.

Me too, try clearing cache and cookies.
Looks like the Wiki doesn't like you Gaara Toungue
Didn't work for me either but i found what it was, you have to type your username just like it is here, i think..

Now it works fine Toungue
I did exactly like I should, Username: Gaara, Password: whatever my password is
and it gave me that

@MattR: lol, nothing ever seems to like me Toungue
Okay, it's working now, I didn't check the remember me box. I'll try again and see if the remember me box is causing the internal errors.
Appears it was just a random error on the Disclaimer page. Confused

I made my first wiki addition to the mod_security page Toungue
Just tried and I got the same error.

Edit: tried again and it worked.
Yeah, I have experienced that before but it seemed to disappear and I have never come across it again.