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Full Version: how to change the black words to white on the set permissions list
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i use a custom theme for the admin cp and i can't work out how to make the words white so they stand out from the page as its a dark back ground
I guess u will have to edit the ./admin/styles/urtheme/stylesheet.txt

thats how i did it in the first place. but i dunno what i need to put in there to change it to white.

every other black text is white except on the permissions list...
Please could u screen shot the specific text that you are unable to change ?


of course

notice all the black spots, i dragged and highlighted some to show the text beneath.

thats what i need to change the colour of.
Heloo there, well that's in ./admin/forumpermissions.php


$forumlist .= "<li><font color=\"black\">$usergroup[title]</font> ";
					$forumlist .= makelinkcode("<font color=\"black\">$lang->set_perms</font>", "forumpermissions.php?action=edit&fid=$forum[fid]&gid=$usergroup[gid]");

change the black.

oh... well that will break the other admincp themes....

nvm i'll figure out a work around... :p
well that's the only place !! so it's probably wont work unless u edit this place, however, u know what, use a class for that, create a class that is different in both themes. and instead of the font customzation, make a <div class="pertext"> </div>

it will work if i swap the colours around, and make the alterng bg shades of lighter green instead of black. and make the bg black.