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Full Version: Auto Forum Images - live statistics images: userbar, signature, avatar
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I'm developing new plugin called Auto Forum Images. It's going to have list of features:
- Userbar - enable fully customizable userbar with live statistics - adds to postbit.
- Signature - enable fully customizable signature with live statistics - adds to postbit.
- Avatar - override avatar image, using current avatar as background, adds live statistics on it.

What live statistics mean:
Live checking and posting current (at image load time) stats such as:
- Current username
- User post count
- User last logging time
- User registration time
- User reputation count

What fully customizable mean:
- Set text & border color
- Set text font - true type fonts would be possible to upload to font directory
- Set text size
- Turn on/off border
- Set image width and height (auto preventing too big images than popular standards for userbars, signatures, avatars)
- Setting background from given resource image (external links may be supported)
- Transparent background
- Turn on/off feature, so that you can decide if you want use Avatar, Userbar, Signature (...) feature or not.

Fully userfriendly images, so that user can get image url and use it on external forum.

User is unable to customize images, all images for every member are the same style which is set by administrator by plugin settings.

Additional feature such as board unique live image generator is planned, so that you can build promoting picture with least effort.

Planned beta release: someday this month.
Userbar Feature Development screenshots. (check attached files)

Hope you guys like it!

Looks very very nice. Big Grin
Latest progress of development:
- Added support for gdf fonts and possibility using build-in font.
- Fixed few background from link issues.
- Added plugin features states to plugin list page. (Displays features currently enabled and disabled)
Do you know when this will be released?
2 weeks max for first beta,
btw I added new screens, you can stay up to date with development by reading my blog:
Will eb possible to changue the font that it's used? Big Grin
(2010-08-20, 06:03 PM)alv4 Wrote: [ -> ]Will eb possible to changue the font that it's used? Big Grin

WIll be available to change font by specifing path to it. (ACP)

I already added both support for .gdf and .ttf fonts since first post date.
:o Thanks Smile Really I wait for this ^^
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