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You might be thinking to yourself. What is this place and what makes it so different to other websites out there?

Second Pad is about bringing Developers,Webmaster,Project Managers and all other enthusiasts of free and open source together; to help make peoples website better by using only free and open source software and promoting it's usage.

We have a group called the Innovators that we wish to be a group of people that is a completely voluntary group; that we hope to bring people together to help update mods in open source and free software so that there is always a mod that will work for you.

Whatever you are good at as an individual it being web designing,developing,project management,creative content writing, we want to bring all these people together to help people take their websites to the next level; all of which would be a part of our "Innovator Group".

We're about assisting and supporting people on a wide range of things to do with their website.

We want to promote the usage of free and open source software not just to individuals but also to businesses as well. We want to be "the place" were we mix The Internet and Entertainment as one; to create a place that does not only help you and open source,free software but also gives you a place to discuss the latest in Technology and Entertainment News.

We are a place that also offers people the chance to become their own Author and discuss what interests them on our Internet & Entertainment Blog. It can be to do with anything and there is no limit to what the Innovator group can be made up of because it's a group about bringing people together who are talented in areas which they consider they have expertise to help people with their websites.

Developers can even use our blog as part of informing the public of their new open source and free projects. All in which gets put up for discussion in our Content Centre for people to discuss.

You now have the ability to buy sell and trade on these forums and do reviews via MYSP about the open source and free software that you love.

Our goal is to create a website that is dedicated to the Internet and Entertainment and that will not only help our members but encourage them to join in with our discussion.

We want to encourage a friendly environment, We want to encourage the promotion of peoples websites and give webmasters,developers,project managers a place to discuss the very latest in Entertainment - while providing a domain for people who want to know more about getting themselves set up in terms of the Internet with their websites in terms of the software that is available with forum software and content management systems and all other software.

This is the place that we bring together Entertainment and we bring the newbies into the mix to get to know the Internet and the things on offer for peoples websites. All in a completely normal language that they can understand.

We are very proud to be using MyBB as our software of choice. Smile