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Full Version: [beta] MySubdomains
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MySubdomains is a plugin that will allow users to register and manage subdomains by themselves using the forum as backend to manage permissions, quotas and so forth.

Users can choose the target destination, let it be their personal websites, a topic inside your forum or any other special function.

As example, when someone types:

It will be redirected to somewhere like:

It's my first plugin so feedback is really appreciated.


What is the purpose?

Imagine that you own a forum that is hosted at a short domain or that you wish to make available subdomains of your site to other people. One of the cool things about a short domain is how it is useful for creating short links. Initially, I thought that adding something like would be good.

However, it was unpractical since I was using Google SEO on the forum and this was complicating what should be simple from the start - so I'm using subdomains quite happily.

I can select which groups are allowed to use this feature and they can set up to 5 subdomains that can point to anywhere desired.


- Allow wildcard subdomains of your domain to route onto the domain itself (more details on the end of the post)
- Unpack the zipped files
- Edit htaccess_mysubdomains.txt to match your website details (instructions included on the file)
- Add the lines of htaccess_mysubdomains.txt to your existent .htaccess or add this one as the .htaccess file (must be placed on the root of your forum web site)
- FTP all files to your server
- Install and activate like any other plugin

How do users add subdomains?
- Login
- Click on user_cp
- Look on the bottom-left item called "MySubdomains"
- Add/Manage subdomains


This plugin is free.

If you make any changes or improvements, I'll be happy to include them on the official plugin and also add your name to the credits.

Constructive feedback is welcome. More features can be added but I still have a lot of work to complete in other features so I'd be really be appreciated if other developers could add and share new features for this plugin.

Thank you for reading, have fun!



How to point wildcard subdomains to your domain?

In most cases just add a new CNAME entry as "*" that points to your domain from the place where your domain name is registered. Please refrain from asking here how to setup wildcard domains, just google for additional instructions according to your registrar.

If you're using localhost to test the plugin, you will need to edit your local hosts file. Please don't ask here where it can be found for your OS, just google.

Do you have a demo of this or a screenshot? Good idea though as it would come in handy for short domain sites.
No demo at the time, I'm running it from localhost for the moment.
We are using something similar in (wireless networks association).
The forum system is integrated with another system that displays member wireless nodes on a google map. The name of each member 's node is the name of the subdomain.

If the subdomain doesn't exist it redirects to the main page.
eg. redirects to main page whilst to a page that the member has requested.

Another idea is to make the subdomains OpenID pages for the members Wink
This is a nice idea you've got going here Smile if you drop this for any reason feel free to pm me and I'll pick up your development Smile
Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the nice words.

Development is completed for the time being. If you wish to add/improve the current plugin then you're welcome to do so and I'll place your name on the credits.

Nice idea (: