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Full Version: Stupid log-in problems
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First off, I viewed the sticky at the top of the forum and I think that I fixed that error, I changed my settings.php file and then I could log-in fine.

I then had a new member register, he can't log-in. I went back to check my settings.php file and it had reset to the old cookie settings that weren't allowing log-ins.

Old Settings:

New Settings:

Why did the settings.php reset and how? I told the new member to reset his cookies but to no prevail.
After you edited settings.php did you then edit the settings again in the ACP like the sticky thread very clearly says to do?? It would reset if you didn't change them there afterwards and then saved other settings as the old cookie settings would still be in the database and would come back when saving other settings. Editing again in the ACP after editing the file is important and is why it's in bold in the sticky thread.
Oh, wow. I feel stupid. I realize how many questions on this you must get. Sorry Matt. Might as well lock/remove this thread.