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Full Version: Mods site.
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And how do you magically find my uid - from the mods site? :p
Your uid can be found by clicking on your forum profile ^_^.
What if I only have 2 posts and 2 plugins.

You would have to go to the memberlist, search for my name, click my profile, get my uid, go to mods site, type URL, insert my uid....

Or we could have a search feature that works just like the forum search :p
Lol I'm not against that search idea I'm just saying it is possible to get the plugins by author anyway Toungue
(2010-08-24, 07:57 AM)Polarbear541 Wrote: [ -> ]In which case you would use this url as a base;
Replacing 1 with the uid of the plugin maker Toungue

Didn't know you could that. >_>
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