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Full Version: Help to make narrower the line/box
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I want to make the narrower the line/box to the left.

I showed the the format of the box as ı want.

Thanks for your help.

The format which I have.
[Image: untitled2copy4br.jpg]

Thi is the format which I want to have.
[Image: untitled12pn.jpg]
Hello there
umm you have modified these templates, so it may one of the who's online or stats or who was online, however let's start with who's online
pls in Admin CP > Templates > Modify / Delete > Expand >Index Page tempaltes > Index > index_whosonline

find something like that (dont have ur own code)

<td class="$bgcolor" align="center" valign="top"><img src="$theme[imgdir]/online.gif" alt="" /></td>

try to change the td width to 20% , width="20%"

if it wasn't the who's online which is messing up. then you will have to look for the other images wheter in index template or index_stats.

if u didn't manage to find any, then please post here the codes for the 3 templates i have mentioned

Thank you zaher1988