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Full Version: Check this site out
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Please check out <snip> . It is a all music and art site. The site is also pretty new but I think it may be big one day. I am looking for feedback and maybe some people to register and become an active member.
Your name screams warez, so i'm not gonna register, but i'm gonna just go ahead and guess that you have copyrighted material on your website?
Sorry mate but there is 2 things wrong with your site.

You cannot access anything unless registered, which is against the MyBB showcase rules. The title says "Free Music Downloads", which one would assume (being unregistered on your forum) is illegal. This is also against the MyBB showcase rules.

We do not offer support or allow forums to be showcased if they contain hacking material, warez or any other illegal content or discussion. This is an ethical policy we have as we do not want to condone these activities, or allow use of the showcase forum to advertise forums with this content.

Feel free to PM me any questions you have regarding this.

MyBB Support Team.