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Full Version: TitanHost- free cPanel Hosting!
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I decided to open up a host a while ago, and finally I am making it live and available to the public! It's name is TitanHost and you can get really great cPanel Hosting there! It's Post2Host, so basically:

1. You post in the forums
2. You get points (TC$) for every post you make
3. You redeem your points for hosting packages and addons!

All of our packages come with great support, PHP5, MySQL5, cPanel 11, Virus Scanning, Unlimited Email accounts, and even more support through our IRC Channel (#titanhost on, and 1 click script installs (for over 40 scripts!)

So come on down and get your hosting!

Looks good. Though a change in logo will be more good.

Your plans listing isn't well set out. What else do I get with a plan I order?
Also, the prices are confusing.

Your theme is good, but dull imo. Try brightening it up with a blue colour Smile
The design is a good start, however you need to style your content area some more.
Thanks everyone, I'll take all your opinions into consideration. Yes, the plans page will be modified ASAP.
I have a bit of feedback;

- Decent design, as stated above some container styling would do you some good.
- I'd recommend you place at least one plan on your homepage, as to not force users to hunt for plan listings.
@scoutie i agree with most of your stuff, i am the first customer and ill post a review soon Big Grin
Thanks for that, Scoutie44, I'll see if I can modify a few things perhaps today.
Design is good. Just build on the content, the forum and everything else Toungue. It takes a while to get it to run efficiently.
Thanks, and yes it does.