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Full Version: functions shown even when not allowed
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a lot of functions - like delete post, send email - are shown even when the user does not have permissions to use them. so a lot of the links on the forum pages lead to dead ends. apparently, only administrator/supermoderator-level functions are actually checked vs user permissions before displaying them.
not sure whether you'd consider this a missing feature or a bug, from my point of view this is a bug.
I've checked on my forum, and atleast the delete posts doesnt show up if you dont have permission
Changed. Email, PM and new reply/thread buttons no longer appear on forum display or showthread is the users doesn't have permissions.

*Moved to Included Suggestions*
On that same vein, spiders / visitors shouldn't see Add thread to favorites, Subscribe to this thread, or Send this thread to a friend. In fact, hide that whole block except possibly the Forum jump.

Seriously, yesterday I saw GoogleBot trying to add a thread to its favorites.