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Not much done at the moment, but hoping soon to change the default theme colour to match the logo. Its a local community forum based in west sussex,and just started out.

Any help or advice would be great Big Grin

I would suggest removing "Crawley" from all the forum names. It gets a bit repetitive.
What's Crawley?
I have no idea what your site is about, repeating the same word in 3/4 of the forum names and you have barely any customisation to your site.
It's a city in the U.K.
@Lithium: I should be killed (not literally) for not knowing that, when I live in the UK as well ToungueToungue
Haha! Where abouts?
North of Scotland. But I don't know much, if anything, about England :p
I don't blame you, the Scots are pretty useless when it comes to knowing anything outside Scotland Toungue

Its a local town in sussex population about 220,000 and all about crawley had loads of help from -Theme Coded By Charlie Hadden.
There is another website similar with 106,000 users and uses the town name also so im not bothered with repetitive naming.

I Think the colours blend well and a few mods added, the links on the side bar will be done..oh content hope will come time.

All feedback welcome

Thanks Peter
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