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Is there a tool to generate importable mybb xml from a customised theme?
Well you can export your theme anytime in Mybb (urtheme.xml) and import it on any other board running a compatibale version.

in Admin CP > Themes > Download

it never works, i always get a failed upload and request for a retry. Other themes work.
well 1st , make sure you are uploading a .xml theme. sec try to Ignore version compatibility when importing the theme.

well, im uploading the theme i just exported. I clicked ignor version compatability.


Toungue are u importing it to the same board
what about you are still having that theme, and you are trying to import it to the same board , and 2 themes with the same wont be ok for mybb Confused Shy

umm last but not least is it mybb 1.4 !

\zaher thinks his answers are a little stupid Toungue
looks like it was just a bug.
well it was before , but not anymore as far as i know!!

ok, is there any template, whatever type that does upload into mybb.

I cant get any ones i make to upload - even when ignor version is clicked.

This is on diffrent servers too.