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Site Name: Admin Central Forums
Site URL:
Description:Admin Central Forums is all about web design,coding,and forum software. We are brand new,but already have alot of themes for you to view and use. We also have an off topic area for other things to chat
about. It's getting more and more active, So Join Today!!

And nice theme by

Admins are: Myself and NBK*Twitch

Link = No work.
Opps typo, thanks for noticing it.
Looks great, quite an active forum. Well done!
Great work, I like it!
That theme is overused.

Nice otherwise.
Very nice site.

The forum stats is way to cluttered, though. Also, the touch graphics link is in a place where it is just ugly.
I think it could use a nicer logo (I can make you one for cheap if you want). And the theme is a bit overused. Otherwise looks nice with good activity. Keep it up!
(2010-08-31, 12:19 PM)duyen Wrote: [ -> ]I love how JonP "Theme Designer" has a generic theme for his board.

I have plugins from other developers on my forums too
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