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Full Version: Anyone know this theme?
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Before anyone says! This is NOT my site, i just really like the theme, but they have taken credits away.


Thanks in advanced.
It's probably a custom theme. I've never seen it.
(2010-08-30, 11:27 PM)Joshee Wrote: [ -> ]It's probably a custom theme. I've never seen it.

I hope thats not true!
It's a custom theme I believe.
Another rip off of HF.

That theme is a custom one, and a bad one at that.
I am the designer of that theme. I have a whole series on HF where this user got it from me and then destroyed it.

The Credits are still in tact (Being is my site)

It is a custom theme but its free for the public. This was in fact my first theme and the original copy of the image can be found at.

Check for more updated themes
Thanks, but unfortunately there is nothing on that forum. There is only 1 test post by yourself. If you can give me a link to your work published on HF i would be grateful.
I will upload a theme switcher (Done) so you can browse all my works.
I also have private made sites but Will not post them due to buyer privacy.