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Tweep About

Tweep About is a general discussion forum that is friendly and always welcomes new members. We have a fairly relaxed rule set that, a reasonable number of forums, and an online radio station. We try and maintain a comminity atmosphere that is both relaxed and friendly. We haven't gone overboard on our categories, either.

We are using a dark custom theme created by myself, coupled with a rather blue theme and some others. These can be changed in the footer, using quick theme. The dark theme is purely CSS, with no background images or gradients, and it is quite 'light' while being a dark theme. If that makes any sense. But feedback on the themes would be greatly appreciated.

ONM:Live is a radio station that is hosted on stream-solutions, but everything is run through Tweep About. You can simply tune in and listen to the radio using pretty much any media player, or you could even broadcast on ONM:Live using winamp! For more information on ONM:Live, visit

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and also feel free to sign up and join in.

I'm going to bump this, since I'd really like some feedback.
Really bland theme with oddly flamboyant buttons.
(09-02-2010, 07:13 PM)Uncontrol Wrote: [ -> ]Really bland theme with oddly flamboyant buttons.

Thanks for your feedback. The buttons were created by CAwesome for a different theme, but he allowed me to use them on my site. And the theme is meant to be fairly bland and basic, but I wouldn't say it is that bad - I am trying to keep it basic so that it isn't overwhelming. How would you suggest improving it?

I think this is an attempt at minimalism that comes off as bland rather than minimalist. For a good minimalist theme see Aardvark.