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Full Version: Again how to change somethig
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I don't know how to change something.
My Forum:
It's at the top, I marked it on the screenshot "hit4u"
[Image: hit4u.png]
Which file to change it in?
What do you want to change? The background colour?
No i want to delete the bit where it say hit4u
Can anyone help me?
It's because the image is broken, it's displaying the alternate text. In your template you've put this:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" height="60" width="421" alt="hit4u"></a>

That image doesn't exist.
Dzięki ale to nie to.

I know that image is broken because I deleted it, cause I didn't want it. I want to delete the text hit4u. Which file can I do it in?

You can edit that in Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > *Your Theme Templates* > header Templates > header

I can't find it in: header
Any other people have anything else?
Could you post your header template here?
I'm allright. In few weeks time I will get new temaplate. Everyone +