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Full Version: Hero Appreciation
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This is my thread about my newest project, Hero Appreciation.

Hero Appreciation - Who are We?
Hero Appreciation is a community of normal people who think it's important to recognize and appreciate the fallen servicemen and women from the UK and US armed forces.

There are several ways in which we try to accomplish this. We have a system on HA of our members being able to submit casualties to our forum section. This way we aim to make sure no one is forgotten.

An another important core part of HA is our community discussion. We like to discuss various topics throughout our forums from important mature debates to fun meaningless chats.

We'd also like to mention that we are currently compiling a team of dedicated members who will write important articles for debates and make sure submissions are dealt with.

Come and join!
If you like what you're hearing and would like the join then please register today.

Important Topics:

Hero Submission Layout and rules:

About Us:

I hope you join to support our cause and get involved!

The rules says you can only have 2 links. You should change it. :O
Check here:

It says you may only have two links in your post.
Please note that a maximum of two links are permitted in showcase posts. I've edited your post to adhere to this rule. Smile
Updated, logo, design and more content.
Hero's do deserve more recognition. Very good job dude. Although I do think you need a new theme and stuff (custom made). I'm going to start trying to build up a nice portfolio. If you want a cheap design, let me know.

By the way, could you tell me the name of the font in your header (the one you posted in your post)?