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Hello, I present my forum about linux and free software in Spanish. I hope you enjoy:


Thanks for your comment and visit!
The site is very slow. Default theme and words in a language I cannot read. Don't know what to say.
site isn't slow here..must be your internet, ibf.
Site is a bit slow.. but not horribly

It's recommended not to showcase sites with just the default theme though. You should look into doing some customization or perhaps uploading a theme from

If you need any help/advice don't hesitate to ask here or drop me a PM Smile
Forums are apparently closed for technical reasons.
You disgust me. That penguin...
Thanks for your answers. I'm changing the forum theme. I hope you enjoy it.
The theme doesn't exactly shout "Linux". And there isn't much point in advertising on a forum with relatively little Spanish speakers Wink
Ok, sorry.

Admin please, close this topic because im a spanish speaker.