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Full Version: legend overlapping.
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I am having trouble fixing this problem. The forum legend is messed. Take a look at the attachment.

Link ?
link is change the theme to xbox 360.
Test account?

Im not signing up just to change the theme.
Sorry thought i had quick theme installed. Cant you see the problem from the attachment.
It looks like you forgot to end a </div> tag somewhere
(2010-09-05, 07:34 PM)Bounty Killer Wrote: [ -> ]Cant you see the problem from the attachment.

We can see the end result of the problem, but can't see what's causing the problem and therefore can't tell you exactly what the problem is.
Exactly , an image can only show us whats wrong, we need to physically see the site.
Thanks all i fixed it.
So what was the problem ?
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