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Full Version: how do i chage the colour of....
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how do i change the colour of the text where its white i want it a diffrerent colour can any one help plz

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2566]
I'm not sure where exactly in your theme this is (header, footer, ...)
but you'll have to go to your
Admin Panel > [Themes] > Modify / Delete > Click GO next to the theme you're using

Look for the place your links are at (Page Container, Content Container, Top Links Menu, ...) and replace #FFFFFF in the Link CSS Attributes with the color you want.

no none of them have #FFFFFF
I see you found it.

Maybe also try replacing tgcat_bg.gif in your images directory with the file I attached here.
This would make the background slightly lighter and would make the text more readable. Just a suggestion.
ya iv done it now