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Full Version: Help With UserGroups
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Hello Guy Idk Where to and Idk If im in the correct section but how i do in the Who's Is Online to show The UserGroup Exemple. How Can I Add It. Or It Make Show? HELP
Thanks and Where I Put It ?? And Which Folder Or Files . Thanks ^^
And I Gived you A Reputation Smile
Upload the "inc" folder to your forum root.
I Know the Inc Folder But where Is Forum Root? .... Im New Here >.>
Yes I Kno That But what Is Root? .. Rooter Of the Forum ?? O.O So where I Find Root >.< Sorry Man Im New .. Or Simply Add Me [email protected]
What are you using up upload your files? cPanel? Filezilla ?

Where did you install you mybb installation package?

Your mybb forum root is the place were you have your mybb files/folders