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Full Version: Hide forum while updating / changing theme?
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Hey guys

I will soon update my forum to 1.6. and will change forum theme too. The problem is, when I lock my board guests can still see how my board theme looks like. Can I make custom landing page for guests while I am changing my theme and updating forum?

For guests to see something like this..
[Image: screenshot-3.png?r=285785]

Set another theme as the default. Guests won't see the theme you're working on unless it's set as the default.
Yes, but how can I work on a theme if it's not live (default) on my forum? Big Grin
By switching to the WIP in your User CP. Smile
WTF is WIP? Big Grin
WIP = Work in progress. Smile
Ok, I'm still not sure what you mean.... Can I change theme in my user CP only for me and letting default theme to be different than mine?
Yep. Set the default theme in the ACP to what you want guests to see. Then change to the theme you want to work on in your User CP. Smile
Ok, you could say so in the first place :p
Thanks Wink