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This is just a little fan site ive had open for a little while now, dedicated to Dr Who, Torchwood, and all the other spin offs!

Added a fair few plugins and changed the default theme!!! Big Grin

Would like to add a sidebar at some point to get a bit more information on there.

Enjoy guys!"

Doctors Companion
Why are your forums cut off in half, rendering the last post column useless?
Its not for me, looks ok here!
Are you possibly logged in? Log out and you'll see what I mean.

I've attached a screenshot as well.
Interesting....this is what i see when im a guest on there.
Is anyone else having these problems?? I cant see where the problems are if there is one? Because it looks all fine to me, logged in, or as a guest!
Managed to find a sidebar for my forum. Have added that to it now. Are people still having problems with the layout? Let me know if you are.
Managed to add an Arcade, and got the sidebar working Big Grin

Are people having problems viewing the forum?
Have updated the site a bit with a new theme. Still need to maybe add a banner on there. But ive added the plugins i wanted to now Big Grin

Let me know what you think!
Have updated the theme, would like to get peoples opinions Smile
I love the theme! Nice!
Thanks! Big Grin
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