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Full Version: how can I add a log out/login button at the same place as members list, search, cale
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how can I add a log out/login button at the same place as members list, search, calendar, help? At the header. Just to be more visible to users.

Any help with that please?
ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > **expand your template set** > Header Templates > header.
Yes I know, but when I add log out buttons there for members, it just appear for guests as well. As this header is yet, a common one.

Can you tell me what code I can specify so that it appears as login for guests and log out for members as well?
I think you'd need a plugin, core file edits or extensive template edits to achieve that.
Just put {$welcomeblock} where you want it to be in the header. It's already in there by default so all you need to do is move it. Then it will switch between member_welcomeblock_guest and member_welcomeblock_member depending on the usergroup Smile
I can not understand Sad
In your header template there may or not be something called:
If it isn't then put it where the icons (search, memberlist etc.) are. If it is then move it to where you want it. Otherwise you will have 2 login/logout bits.
In the header template you'll find code like this:

<div id="panel">

Just move that below the menu if you want all of the black bar that's currently at the top to display below the main menu.

To get the login/logout link actually on the main menu bar would be quite complex and difficult to explain on here, especially without seeing all the templates.
Shall I post my templates as attachments? if u want?
If you need to post your template just copy and paste it between [code] tags.
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