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[Image: chaoswebtech231.png]

Chaos Web Tech is the next in line of Post2Host Cpanel websites. We offer automated registration making it a breeze to get your FREE hosting account today. Also, until Monday the 13th of September, our advanced plan is only 5 posts forever!

The staff & support on Chaos Web Tech are completely fantastic. We offer the best support we can give, and always do your best to ensure your hosting experience is top.

So, come take advantage of us today. Big Grin
Nice to see you put a lot of effort into it..... /sarcasm.
Actually, I did. I'm going to be designing a new theme later.
Why does nobody seem to understand this? Get your shiz together BEFORE launching.
(09-09-2010, 11:45 PM)CAwesome Wrote: [ -> ]Why does nobody seem to understand this? Get your shiz together BEFORE launching.

I don't know if I'd want to use a web host with the word "Chaos" in the name Toungue
Kodaks, I agree it's fishy with Chaos. But, we're really not chaotic. It's just a name. Wink

Cohen & CAawesome, I didn't bother releasing this until I finished it. The new theme is just an addon. Wink
Ripping THT's forum theme isn't really a good thing to do.
He's not ripping, that theme comes default with THT. By your logic, anyone who uses THT is a theme ripper, which is completely false. I know that because I'm a support staff member on another site that runs the very same software with theme.

@Modv2: Really should get rid of that staff area link.
Darkly, as said above I didn't rip it. It comes with it.

Gaara, thanks for the advice. I'm considering making my site back into HTML and putting that THT thing into a different folder. But, I don't know yet.
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