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Pages: 1 2 3 is a small hosting site, which allows members to have the following for FREE!
* Image Hosting
* Guestbook Creating
* Forum Creating (Nicely coded into MyBB)
* ' eMail Address

If you would like this too, then pop along to

Enjoy Smile

(Questions & Comments, please leave them in this thread. Thanks!)
* Site Updated *
Nice, could do with a logo though, and a link to an FAQ perhaps, and a forum to show what forum they can use.
Logo = No (I like to keep images to a minimum...)
F.A.Q = Yes Wink
A forum to show what forum they can use = Dont get what you mean...
Dale Wrote:Logo = No (I like to keep images to a minimum...)
YOu can get a logo 2kb is size, but your choice.

Dale Wrote:F.A.Q = Yes Wink
Ok, heres a few Q.

* Is it truly free??
* Are there text adds or banner adds that come with the hosting?? If so can I choose where to put it??
* Whats the bandwidth??
* Can I post page files or only images?? If pages are allowed, what formats (htm, php, js, css etc??) ??
* What will get my account frozen so I can avoid doing so??
* What images formats allowed??

Dale Wrote:A forum to show what forum they can use = Dont get what you mean...
Well, you said they could have 5 Forums. I presume 5 myBB forums?? Well, have a demo forum to show what they will get for a forum. If 5 different forum, show 5 diffrent forums so they can choose which one they want for their acount.

Not only will it help make them choose one, but you can have one for support for people who use the service.
Thanks k776

I'll consider that and then put it up on there a.s.a.p Smile
Also, is there ftp access?
No, the image files are uploaded via a form. So no FTP access is needed...
I've placed a new table at the bottom of the main page with k776's F.A.Q thing on... thanks k776
I got bored. And seeing as programming sites is what I want to do when Im older, I decided to help a bit.

It would be cool if you used this Dale and the choice is yours wether to mention me or not. I fixed about 4 bugs too.

If you dont use it, I understand, it was still fun making. But personally, I like it the way I made it Big Grin
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