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Well I'm using mybb, so I might aswell post SOMEHTING.

Some community history:
Prowlers's Gaming all started August 2010, when Prowler and some friends decided to bring dreams of server ownership to fruition. The goal, to build a server that was fun, drama free, and with a sense of community. The server was under wraps in the first 2 weeks of development, only to opened when the gamemodes were being tested. The server was announced to the GMOD community and the creation of PG Forums were soon bristling with activity. Prowler's Gaming currently only hosts one, 32 slot, Fretta Server, but don't let that keep you down, theres always room for expansion! Currently we have a "Cash and Buy" system in development, which is going to be loaded with all kinds of goodies. You want a ridiculous hat while you chase that Chimera? Rev up those Buyers! We here at Prowler's Gaming host your favorite gamemodes, including Ultimate Chimera Hunt, Deathrun, Garryware, Dogfight Arcade, and much, much more!


The theme is a modded version of Daeva.
You're only allowed two links in your thread. Smile

Also, your front page is a SEO disaster. Get rid of that landing page.
Please note that a maximum of two links are permitted in showcase posts. I've edited your post to adhere to this rule. Smile