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Full Version: Roller Coaster Mad- are you roller coaster mad?
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Heya my website is

And i was wondering what you all think about it.

yer i know there are lots of things needing done, but on a whole what you think about it and where do you think i should from now and do on the website?
Takes too long to find the link to the forum, should be more prominent IMO.
Use the PNG icon set, its a little choppy. Great use of the default theme. Smile (Not being sarcastic, really you pulled it off quite well)
What you mean by PNG icon set?

And thnaks Smile

You can see a choppy edge. If you use the PNG version, thats gone Smile
Ah yer i see, where about is the PNG version and where do i change it?
If i remember you have to do a search and replace in the templates, or the CSS can't remember :p, and it should be up in the mods site under resources. I'll look for it.
I can't seem to find it actually. :/

Got it.
Because the Mods site "Search" sucks.
aww right :/ could it not be there now as 1.6 is out now and it was 1.4?

becasue i did look before i asked
I updated my post Wink
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