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Full Version: Help Site Down !
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I recently uploaded mybb and installed some plugins to my site
when i log in again i see that my forum is down
Error Message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function my_ip2long() in /home/modforum/public_html/inc/class_session.php on line 190

Please I need quick help
Reupload functions.php
yeah i replaced the functions.php file
as the Plugin Google SEO
said to replace my functions.php file with the functions.php.patch file
given in the plugin pack
can anyone tell me wether to upload the initial one
or the google SEO one?
i have reuploaded the initial functions.php and now it works
but i want to now why does the google seo functions.php didn't work
The edited Google SEO version might not be a 1.6 version of the file, may be a 1.4 version.
There is a updated functions.php for 1.6.

You can find it in the Google SEO thread here. Alse did you rename the file to functions.php?
Yes i had renamed it to functions.php
Just click Options and Revert to Original.

I believe the functions.php included with Google SEO is for 1.4, you need to use this with 1.6 - functions.php
I had this problem a few days ago when I installed it. I figured that the file was outdated so I edited the functions.php myself using the instructions in the readme.

I presume the file AJS posted will work too though Smile
Should i replace the functions.php
with the functions.1.6-googleseo.php file you provided ?
yes that is what you need to do
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