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Site Name: - Webmasters Forum
Site URL: -

Description: - Webmaster Forum is all about Business and search engines, It's a good place for those who own a forum and looking for advice on how to build there website/forums a lot better.

Note: The forums may look empty now but i have a lot more sections and boards to be added, I just need these boards on the forums now to be full of posts and topics.

Your Name on the Board: - Ashley
Umm i think you should get a domain :/ And get a new logo as well Toungue.
Im no good with Graphics.

A domain will do me for now.
If you just use the plain apart theme with no customization and a domain you can't really expect much.

Sorry if that's a bit blunt, but a little more effort on your part needs to be made if you expect us to make any effort critiquing your site and/or consider joining it.
Like i said please read the Topic...
I am not adding any more Boards/Sections yet because they aren't full.
Please read what I said...
Well i like a for now.

I am purchasing a .com soon.
(09-10-2010, 06:14 PM)Ashley S Wrote: [ -> ]Well i like a for now.

I am purchasing a .com soon.

Make sure you get someone to fix your logo aswell :/
I will ive requested a new logo. It should be done soon.
Uncustomized theme, no logo, no content, nothing. There is nothing here.
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